The Society apart from conducting its annual professional meetings organizes conferences pertaining to the science and technology of liquid crystals nationwide.

The other Objectives of the Society are to:

  • Recognize, promote and foster talent in experimental and theoretical Liquid Crystal Research.
  • Popularize Liquid Crystal work in general. To improve the quality of STEM Education at all levels.
  • Recognize and honor lifetime achievement in research through awards.
  • Organize conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, and similar other programs to facilitate and promote Liquid Crystal research in all branches of science.
  • Interact and coordinate with industry to catalyze the growth of the Liquid Crystal Industry.
  • Interact with other societies or associations, both in India and abroad, having similar objectives for mutual benefit and to conduct joint programs.
  • Publish newsletters, journals, books and other forms of communication to highlight the research activities of the Society as also the new developments taking place elsewhere in the field of Liquid Crystals.
  • Institute and award fellowships, scholarships, stipends, travel grants or otherwise support students and research scholars to encourage them to devote themselves to pursuits in Chemical Science.

The annual conferences organized by ILCS are generally hosted by different universities/academic institutions spread across the country. The first ILCS Conference was conducted on 18th October 1993 at the Mysore University, Mysore, with by Prof. S Chandrashekar being at the helm of the proceedings. The conference saw many prominent liquid crystal scientists both from within the country and abroad sharing their expertise and knowledge with the young researchers and students. Hitherto, the Society has conducted over 28 conferences held all over India.